We are not a cleaning company, we simply recover the MOST MONEY possible to restore your home and property.


From the Wild FIRES? From the WINDS?

Our average recovery is $10,000 to $20,000!

If you live near one of the following cities you could be eligible!

  • Bagley Wildfire – Redding, Shingletown, Shasta Lake, Manton & Lakehead
  • Wenatchee Complex Fire – Wenatchee, Cashmere & Leavenworth
  • Waldo Canyon Fire- Briargate, Manitou Springs, North West Colorado Springs, West Colorado Springs, and surrounding areas.
  • Comanche Fire- Arvin, Lamont, Tehachapi.
  • Las Conchas Fire- Los Alamos, White Rock, Santa Fe.
  • Wallow and Monument Fire- Arizona.

All homes downwind from the wild fire areas are likely damaged to some degree and homeowners may be entitled to this compensation. Damage can be fine and difficult to identify. We have helped literally thousands of property owners just like you recover money to restore their homes and property.

If You Live Near the Wildfires,

your home has most likely been contaminated by smoke, soot, and ash emitted by the fires and carried over by the winds. These particles of soot and ash are fine, often smaller than human hair, and can be everywhere – on your walls, carpets, ceilings, in your pool filters, and air conditioning ducts. They will remain there until professionally removed.

Even if you have already cleaned your home, you may still have a substantial claim.