We are not a cleaning company, we simply recover the MOST MONEY possible to restore your home and property.

About Us


Is a public adjusting company originally licensed and bonded by the state of California (Lic. # 2G93517). Loss Recovery Services also holds licenses in Arizona (Lic. # 992281), Colorado (Lic. # 402634), Nevada (Lic. # 805146), New Mexico (Lic. # 100008543), and Washington (Lic. # 766051). If you have been affected by smoke, soot, and ash and are located outside of these areas please contact us for additional information. We are trained experts in recognizing and assessing smoke, soot, and ash damage. To maximize your recovery we fully investigate, present, and negotiate your claim with your insurance company on your behalf.


Loss Recovery Services, LLC is here to advocate on behalf of the homeowner to maximize their recovery.

Insurance Adjusters Interests Are Not Necessarily The Same As The Homeowners Interests

Insurance adjusters, while they can be pleasant and friendly, first and foremost work the insurance company, not the homeowner. The more insurance companies can save on paying out losses on claims, the more profit they earn for their shareholders.

Most homeowners have very limited knowledge of what they are entitled to recover under their insurance policy. Homeowners who leave the claim responsibility to the insurance adjusters, instead of hiring a public adjuster to represent them, can often end-up receiving only a fraction of what they should receive for their loss.